Top Salesforce Blogs

I spend lot of time checking salesforce blogs to benefit from the research and experiences published by all the great experts out there in our community. Below are the most influential bloggers in the Salesforce ecosystem (sorted by alphabetic order).

My Top 13

Download My Reading List

You can import all the blogs I'm following in your favourite news reader providing it supports OMPL files (if not, try Feedly). This list includes my top 13, of course, but way more than that... I hope you'll enjoy reading this awesome content from the community.

Other Lists

Francis Pindar wrote a list of influencers' blogs focused on Salesforce MVP. Check his post on Cloud Architecture.

Others are trying to be more comprehensive. For instance, Johan Yu posted his own list on But the "crème de la crème" of all Salesforce blogrolls is maintained by Oliver Hansen and is called...!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don't hesitate to ping me on Twitter if you have any comment or question. Bye for now!

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