Taking Trust To The Next Level

Salesforce recently released a new version of their Trust site. Although at first sight it looks more like a revamp than anything else, a little dig around will reveal a new feature: performance metrics.

Salesforce Trust Performance dashboard

One often overlooked side of Trust is that Salesforce could have restricted access to their customers like other cloud vendors do. But, in pure Salesforce style, the company chose to stand-out from the crowd and made this data publicly available... Transparency can only be the sign of a confident industry leader and Salesforce always confirms its leadership.

Taking a closer look shows little surprise that performances are best at weekends due to a smaller amount of transactions. Note that the timeline is inverted and the past is shown on the right side of the graph.

Once again Salesforce opens-up to even more transparency and that’s good news for all of the ecosystem.

Besides checking your instance availability it is now possible to plan better ways to work with an org! For instance, looking at the delta in performance between weekdays and weekend (249ms/171ms), Salesforce is 45% faster at the weekend than during the week. You won't notice the difference as a user but if you’re planning to deal with a large volume of data you will! So, next time you migrate a lot of data and attachments consider a weekend job, especially if your customer needs a fast switch-over.

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