An Ecosystem Of Trailblazers

On October the 17th 2017, Salesforce renamed the “Success Community” to “Trailblazer Community“. This may not sound like a relevant information in a blog dedicated to Salesforce architecture but in fact it is! Let me explain…

Success” was a Sales message: buy Salesforce and you’ll be successful. “Trailblazer” is a humble move from Salesforce, removing itself from the center stage and bringing its great community of customers and partners under the spotlight.

What it says to the prospective customer is, it’s not about our technology alone, it’s about the perennity of your investment in your business critical platform: unlike its competitors Salesforce comes packaged within a community of trailblazers. So yes, somehow, it ends up as a Sales message but one built on the Salesforce Ohana rather than on the product itself.


What I like with the new paradigm is that it’s scalable. In such a high growth economy, scalability is key to avoid bottlenecks. By recognising the role played by the community, Salesforce delegates a part of its Marketing efforts to an always growing number of trailblazers. This number is roughly growing at the same pace as the ecosystem, making it a sustainable model…

Eric Kuhl, Vice President Community, said in her annoucement post

It’s more than just a name. It’s a statement.

For me, Salesforce just discretly changed gear. In a few years time, we’ll look back at October 17 and realise how much of a great move renaming the Success Community was.

So, for the architects, this new name reinforces the idea that Salesforce is only the foundation, the starting point. Salesforce as a business solution takes its building blocks from the good old AppExchange and the AppExchange for Components, as much as the native platform. As a Salesforce professional, you’ll learn with Trailhead, resolve blockers with Answers, expand your professional network with the Community Groups, get a quick tip on Twitter, etc… In other words:

☁️ Salesforce is the technology, 🌺 the Ohana is the solution.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t hesitate to ping me on Twitter if you have any comment or question.

Fab 🐸