Mastering Spring ’17

Every time Salesforce ships a new release and however thick are the release notes, I do advocate for in-depth study! This is the only way that a Salesforce professional can stay on top of their game! Today, we'll review the information available for “Spring ’17”. If you haven't yet read my old (but maintained) post, Preparing Your Maintenance Exam, I suggest you do it now.

Training Plan

My recommended approach to is to enjoy the journey first (1 to 4) and then get serious, drilling down into the technical detail (#5).

  1. 📺 Watch some videos
  2. 🐻 Get your Trailhead badge
  3. 🌍 Browse the best blogs
  4. 📘 Read Salesforce's resources
  5. 🍄 Learn the Release Notes
  6. 🚀 Take the exam

New Release Study: It's not about the maintenance exam. It's about using Salesforce's most suitable features in your next project. Your clients will thank you for that!


📺 Salesforce has a YouTube Channel where you'll find all of their release specific video content. I find it a great way to start your new release study work.

In a different style, you may also want to have a look at the [Release Readiness Live videos]( They're an hour long talk shows discussing the ins and out of each of the Salesforce modules.


🌲 You can now access one full year worth of release training on Trailhead. Ideally, you shouldn't need it, as you should always stay up-to-date with your certifications, avoid confusing features availability, turn the page and focus on the current release.
So, go ahead and have fun learning about the new features with the trail Prepare for Salesforce Releases.

The Spring '17 Trailhead module is seven units long and spans across most Salesforce clouds. It does take some time to go through it especially if you drill down into the resources provided. But, it's an excellent way to prepare your brain for the Release Notes.


🌍 The posts below are hand-picked from the best bloggers in the Salesforce community. They provide a different perspective and interesting use cases for the new features...

Salesforce Resources

📘 I strongly recommend you check the Release Readiness & Feature Adoption resources page and maybe join the Success Community Group.
One of the great resources I found there is the Customer Resource page.

The Salesforce Developer evangelism team regularly publishes release centric posts. And you can also find quite a few interesting resources on the Partners site.

Release Notes

🍄 I guess you know it by now, the Release Notes come in two flavours.

  • PDF file: I use them in the train, downloaded to my iPad to make the best of otherwise wasted time.
  • HTML page: I use them on my laptop when I need advanced search capabilities.

Don't hesitate to turn on a DE orgs and try out whichever new feature feels important (or confusing) to you.


🚀 At this stage, the maintenance exam will be a breeze. I’m doing the exam using two monitors with WebAssessor on the main screen and two browser tabs on the second screen: (1) HTML release notes & (2) a DE org ready for quick tests.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don't hesitate to ping me on Twitter if you have any comment or question.

Fab 🐸