About Me


At home

I am Fabrice Cathala, a frenchman living in the UK with my wife and daughter who are both british. I’m a good food enthusiast and a cheese freak in particular. I used to be a competitive swimmer, and still go regularly to the pool with my daughter. I'm also a dog lover and have been the happy owner of two basset hounds.

A "frenglish" family

I have been programming, as a hobby first, since 1981 on a Sinclair ZX81, then on other personal computers of the times (Sony MSX, Atari ST, etc). In 1991, I was awarded a Bachelor degree in "Electronics" and moved on to learn "Networking". I get my Master degree 3 years later and started my career in IT...

My Career Path

At work


Today, I'm a Salesforce Tech Lead working for Appirio in the UK where I lead implementation teams and deliver to our customers business solutions based on the Salesforce platform. I'm interested in all aspects of projects and am particularly focused on product quality, team productivity and speed of delivery, my recipe for customer satisfaction. I'm nine times certified and always working on new certifications.

My Certifications

In 1994, my first job led me to manage the operations for Honeywell's European data centre. My last IT project was the famous Year 2K bug. After that, I decided to change career path and "get closer to the business": I started working on CRM implementations. The first few roll-outs were on-premise until 2005 when I discovered SaaS and Salesforce. It was a revelation! All of the sudden, all the pieces of the puzzle gathered during my previous ten years in IT, were falling into place:

SaaS: Outsource the burden of enterprise application management to the vendor who wrote the application and focus on business outcome.

I've been working for various Salesforce partners of all sizes and shapes: Acumen Solutions, Kerensen (acquired by Salesforce), Capgemini, CLOUT and now Appirio. This gives me a great project experience of several industries, all customer tiers (SME, CBU and Enterprise) as well as different countries and cultures. If you're looking for a great career as a Salesforce professional, don’t hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn and I'll connect you with the hiring managers at Appirio.

In the Ohana


I'm a Salesforce MVP. As all of us, I'm passionate about my work and continue being involved with Salesforce in my spare time one way or the other.

  • 🍕 I'm the founder of the Swindon Salesforce Developer Group in the UK. I'm always looking for talented speakers to bring interesting content to our members. We’re meeting every second Saturday of the month. So, if you’re in the Swindon (UK) area, don’t hesitate to join us.

  • 🎤 I regularly speak at various Salesforce events including Dreamforce, London's Calling, the Salesforce World Tour, India Dreamin and dreamOlé.

  • 💻 I also spend quite some time playing around with my DE orgs. It can involve some fidling around with Electon, Littlebits, Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

  • 🐻 Every Sunday afternoon, I'm time-boxing Trailhead fun to learn topics related to my current project or certification. In 2016, I set my own goal to pass through the 100 badges milestone before the end of the year and succeed. So, I'm now a Ranger. Feel free to check my trailmixes on Security and Automation.

  • 🐦 And to finish, in what's left of my spare time, I read quite a lot of Salesforce blogs and I'm well busy on Twitter answering #askforce questions or sharing my own stuff.

Welcome to my blog!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Don't hesitate to ping me on Twitter if you have any comment or just want to say "hi".

Fab 🐸