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I’m a Salesforce professional since 2005 and a Salesforce MVP since 2017, nine times certified. Before this, I have a background in programming and enterprise applications management.

🍎 I have been programming computers since 1981 on a Sinclair ZX81 then on other personal computers of the times (Sony MSX and Atari ST) before becoming a PC addict at the start of the nineties. I’m now a Mac fan. In my first student job, I worked for PC Soft, a French software vendor, where I was writing internal tools in C Language to improve the engineering team’s productivity. I’m Fabrice Cathala, this blogs’ author.

Fabrice Cathala
Fabrice Cathala

🏢 My first full-time job was “Network Administrator” in the automotive industry. I was then promoted to manage the operations of a newly created datacenter somewhere in Europe. I was exposed to a lot of technologies there from power supply management to cabling to backup/DRP and network/application performance monitoring. I learned what it takes to keep an enterprise-class application up and running at an acceptable level of performance for users running multiple devices in various geos and support the whole thing 24/7: It’s very expensive and very stressful!

💳 After working on the Y2K project, I had the opportunity to join an e-business team in 2001 and be more involved in the outcome of enterprise computing. I started engaging on a regular base with Salespeople and Marketing when gathering business requirements for our on-premise Lead Scoring and Pipeline management apps. I learnt the basis of Data Quality management, Lead-to-Cash and Pipeline Forecasting methodologies.

🚀 In 2005, my employer benchmarked two cloud-based CRM and picked Salesforce. At the time, we were moving from a “tailor-made bespoke on-premise system” to a “modern cloud solution”. The legacy app was addressing most business requirements but its infrastructure was always collapsing at year-end, generating chaos. Salesforce, on the other hand, didn’t have “Approvals Processes” at the time but was up and running non-stop. The end-users were fine with it which taught me a good lesson: you can run a very successful business without all the bells and whistles, whereas it’s more difficult during a system-down time…

My Salesforce certs…

🐶 To introduce myself in a more personal way, I’m a Frenchman leaving abroad in the UK with my wife and daughter who are both British. I’m a good food enthusiast and a cheese freak in particular. I used to be a competitive swimmer, and still go regularly to the pool with my daughter. I’m also a dog lover and have been the happy owner of two cheeky basset hounds.


🍕 I’ve co-founded the first user group in Europe (London, in 2006). I’ve co-lead the Thames Valley developer group. I’m the founder of the Swindon Trailblazer Community Developer Group in the UK. If you’re in the Swindon area, don’t hesitate to join us, we’re meetings every third Saturday of the month.

🎤 I regularly speak at various Salesforce events including Dreamforce, the Salesforce World Tour, London’s Calling, India Dreamin and dreamOlé.

💻 In my spare time I play around with Salesforce related hobbies, typically to prepare for my next certification: Trailhead, DE org and blog reading. I also keep an eye on #askforce.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or a question on Twitter or below…
I read and respond to them all!

Fab 🐸