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The Million Dollars Picklist

Several times in my career, I came across situations where my client wanted to take the driving seat of an implementation after a brief introduction to the basics of Salesforce configuration. Maybe they looked over the shoulder of a consultant creating a report or a page layout. "Oh yes,
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Mastering Spring ’17

Every time Salesforce ships a new release and however thick are the release notes, I do advocate for in-depth study! This is the only way that a Salesforce professional can stay on top of their game! Today, we'll review the information available for “Spring ’17”. If you haven't yet read
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Migrating To Lightning

This year again, I was pleased to be accepted as a speaker at London's Calling (Europe’s largest community-led event for Salesforce professionals) on February the 10th, 2017. After last year's talk on Person Account that many of you still mention to me, I thought I would come back with
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